To drive off the cold winter months, my hometown Solothurn in Switzerland kicks off the carnival festivities with a 135-year old custom known as “Chesslete” (the closest English translation would be “the hitting of the bucket”).

At exactly 05:00 in the morning, the master “Chessler” kicks off the event with a loud bang, and the entire town goes mad, making noise with everything that comes to mind (rattles, bells, whistles, whips, you name it).

What you hear below is a recording of this year’s kick-off of the “Chesslete”. Aside from a tiny bit of mastering and editing out one ugly clipping portion, the recording is completely untouched.

Be warned!
The recording starts off rather quiet and gets really loud at 00:39:00

verena chesslete


Microphone: AKG C391B | Ambient Emesser ATE208 (MS Stereo)
Recording device: ZOOM F4
Sample rate / bit depth (recording): 96 kHz / 24 bit
Sample rate / bit depth (edit/mix): 48 kHz / 24 bit

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