places – vol. 01

It has been a bit quiet around here. As a matter of fact, almost a year has passed since I posted my last update. Nevertheless, I have been busy recording sounds and producing tracks, all while moving my house and producing a full radio play for the amazing amateur theatre group The Caretakers.

In the meantime, I have taken my time to assemble my compositions and montages into the first volume of the places collection, which I have now released on my bandcamp page. You can take a listen at the bottom of this post.

The album is free to download and includes some bonus tracks only available in the download version. Of course, you can support me and the places project by choosing to pay a few Euros for the download.

Where do we go from here? I am actually going to change the course of this blog a tiny bit and will stop posting entire compositions. Rather, I will use my posts to tell the stories I encounter on my field recording trips. In addition, with every blog post, I will provide some download links to the raw sounds I recorded on those trips.

I honestly think that, by changing the course this way, I can contribute more to the amazing field recording community and give back something personal.

As promised: verena – places – vol. 01:

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