about places

places is an ongoing long-term project with the aim of exploring the sounds of my immediate surroundings. Centered around my hometown Solothurn, Switzerland, I go on regular field recording trips and record the sounds of a certain place or event.

Once I’m back in the studio, I catalog every sound I recorded on the trip and embark on making a single track based on the location or event I recorded. This may result in an abstract collage of processed sound or an accurate representation of what I heard on location, depending on the source material or the mood I’m currently in.

The primary focus of places is to listen and pay attention to the sounds that surround me, even though they are not the pristine nature sounds that can be found in other parts of the world.

Recording steibachweiher


Another important aspect of the project is not to get lost in all the tools we have for audio processing and instead to digest the raw recordings as intuitively as possible. In fact, I have already ended up releasing final results that didn’t take me any longer than an hour to finish.

I release every finished field trip or location recording as a blog post on this page. So feel free to browse and have a listen to the world that surrounds me.